FB 10 Garuda Wisnu - Kecak Fire Dance - Uluwatu Sunset

FB 10
  • Garuda Wisnu
  • Uluwatu Sunset
  • Kecak Fire Dance
  • Seafood Dinner

Departure :
- 03.30 PM

Approximetaly :
- 6 hours

Price :
- US $ 45/person (all included)

Without Dinner :
- US $ 35/person

The trip will take you visit GWK the highest statue of the world the we go to the famaous small temple of PURA LUHUR ULUWATU balances picturequely on the cliff edge. Dating from the 16 century, it is one of six temples of the world revered by all Balinese. Also you can watch the cultural performances to see the most famaous KECAK AND FIRE DANCE, performed by a group at least 50 men who dance in a circle around a blazing torch. The dance become entrance and able to dance on hot coals without pain, it tell alove story from the Ramayana epic of prince Rama and Prices Shinta. Seafood dinner with LEGONG DANCE show will be served at JIMBARAN BAY.

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