FB 27 Sea Walker

FB 27
  • Sea Walker
    with Lunch
    Price :
    - US $ 55/person

Departure :
- 10.30 AM

Approximetaly :
- 10 - 11 hours

Price :
- US $ 70/person
(all included)
With Seafood Dinner:
- US $ 80/person

Have you ever dreammed walking down at the bottom of the sea? With us your dream come true. Our modern and safety helmet design will allow you to experience and witnessing under water sea life just walking down at the bottom of the sea and take a breath as usual you do. After you get lunch here well, next to the white sandy beach of DREAMLAND the last ULUWATU TEMPLE build on the cliff edge with a drop of 200 feets to indian ocean is the best place to see sunset.

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